Calendar & Years

The year is spread into eight months of forty days each, each month has four weeks of ten days. A period of six days occur before the new year, and are usually seen as a time to celebrate. The months Are:

Warm Wind
Greater Sun
Lesser Sun
Cold Wind
Lesser Frost
Greater Frost
The Six Days of Absence

Birth can be considered a Spring, and Cold Wind an Autumn. Past these are the Summer and Winter Respectively. In Central Yolgen, there are no seasons as the ice never retreats, therefore the months are described in the acts of Yol, the ancient story of the Elf King. These are (mostly apocryphal) in order:

The Visions
The Exodus
The Wandering
The Landing
The March
The War
The Triumph
The Founding

Six days of feast, ending in the Yol’s Day celebration.

Weeks are titled in Algan and Dast to honour the ancient Algan traditions, the names are:


Most Countries use Yolgen Reckoning (Y.R.), but certain former Farúhn territories use the Farúhn calendar (F.C.). The Farúhn Calendar is 3,752 years behind the Yolgen one. Ergo:
7862 Y.R. = 4110 F.C.

Calendar & Years

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